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Pillärs "Abandoned"

  • Picture of Pillärs "Abandoned" Smoky Cassette with Obi-Strip
    Pillärs "Abandoned" Smoky Cassette with Obi-Strip
    SKU: HAUS-006-SMK
  • Picture of Pillärs "Abandoned" Clear Cassette
    Pillärs "Abandoned" Clear Cassette
    SKU: HAUS-006-CLR

Doomy trio Pillars mixes influences within heavy metal and hardcore punk. Outside of playing regularly around the Cleveland area since their start in 2015, last year the band completed a regional tour on the strength of a now out-of-print demo tape.

"Abandoned" marks the band's first full length recording, and first recording featuring drummer Mike Burrows (All Dinosaurs, Little Sister). "Abandoned" is a pummeling 8 track sludgy hardcore ripper; fans like His Hero Is Gone, High On Fire, Cursed, and Neurosis: take note.


Second Pressing - 100 Tapes (Current Pressing)

  • 25 Smoky Cassettes with vertical Obi-Strip
  • 25 Clear Cassettes
  • 50 Gold Cassetes - Band exclusive variant

All tapes come with a digital download code!

First Pressing - 100 Tapes (Sold Out)

  • 25 White Cassettes encased in a black cardstock case and wax sealed with embossed Pillärs logo - Label Exclusive variant
  • 25 Red Cassettes - Band exclusive variant
  • 50 Black Cassettes

All tapes come with a digital download code!