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Pillärs "Abandoned" Available Now

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We are excited to launch the release of the brand new Pillärs full length, "Abandoned".

Doomy trio Pillars mixes influences within heavy metal and hardcore punk. Outside of playing regularly around the Cleveland area since their start in 2015, last year the band completed a regional tour on the strength of a now out-of-print demo tape.

"Abandoned" marks the band's first full length recording, and first recording featuring drummer Mike Burrows (All Dinosaurs, Little Sister). "Abandoned" is a pummeling 8 track sludgy hardcore ripper; fans like His Hero Is Gone, High On Fire, Cursed, and Neurosis: take note.

We have a special label exclusive version for sale, limited to 25 copies on white cassettes, each tape is encased in a black cardstock box and embossed with a copper wax seal with the Pillärs logo.


Please visit our releases section and pick yourself up a copy now!